Unique Ijoy Combo Rda With 2-post Spring Screw-less Build Deck

IJOY Combo RDA is a 25mm diameter atomizer with bottom airflow system. It comes with very innovative spring design deck which is a "tool-less" RDA, that means you don't need tweezers or tools for setting coils on posts, the 24K gold plating & 510 connection allows for greater conductivity. Deep juice wall for more juice storage. 810 ULTEM drip tip and bottom airflow system, all contribute to a great vaping experience. The Combo RDA is the perfect RDA for those looking for a simple, fashionable and flavor based RDA! 5 colors for your selection.  

25mm Diameter
810 ULTEM Drip Tip
Screw-less Two Post Deck
Double O-Ring Secured
24K Gold Plated Deck
Bottom Airflow control
Gold Plated 510 Connection
Deep Juice Wall
Small and compact, lightweight with high performance

Pre order it with $28.5 in https://vapesourcing.com/ijoy-combo-rda.html , you can get it in the end of Auguest.

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