Quality Joyetech Ornate Atomizer Review

The Joyetech Ornate Sub Ohm Vape Tank 6.0 ML is definitely one of the most visually appealing tanks to hit the market in recent memory. As elegant as it looks, the performance of this tank is above par. The theme here is triple perfection. The tank utilizes a MGS triple coil head and triple airflow inlets to deliver a draw that is strong and satisfying. Here's a detailed look at the latest powerhouse from Joyetech.

In all fairness, sub ohm tanks sometimes get overlooked in comparison to the fancy mods they accompany. The truth, however, is that the tank you choose has a far greater impact on your overall vaping satisfaction. The Ornate is ripped with enough muscle to give the most discriminating vaper a strong case of roid rage.

The most important aspects of this tank are the coils . The MGS Triple 0.15 ohm head is made of Stainless Steel 316L and does a remarkable job of dispersing heat in an efficient and effective manner that is particularly suited to massive vapor volume. The only issue with this setup is the amount of e-liquid the beast consumes. It has a large 6ml capacity, and you're going to need it with the triple coil architecture.

The tank also comes with a single coil SS316L head that works great in the 80-130W range and doesn't burn through e-liquid as fast as the triple coil. In both cases, the inlet holes are large and permit a lot of juice to reach the wick. The single coil head has a Clapton architecture and works great in either VW or TC modes.

Airflow on the tank is pretty impressive. If you crave a strong, low-resistance draw, the triple airflow inlets on this tank will do the trick. Better airflow on this tank tightens the inhale, delivers some insane vapor volume, and doesn't sacrifice flavor in the process.

It would be remiss not to mention the tank's looks. The Joyetech Ornate lives up to its name with stainless steel construction and a nice, patterned finish. The really nice thing is that the tank has a low profile despite its large capacity. At roughly one inch in diameter, it manages its space in a relatively compact way that doesn't look out of proportion to your mod. The included adapter makes it fully compatible with any 510 normal mouthpiece.

Make no mistake, this is an advanced tank in terms of performance. It's exceptionally suited to the novice, however, and that earns the Ornate a few bonus points. This is a great place to start if you're new to mods because the operation of the tank is user-friendly and it dissembles easily for cleaning.

The Joyetech Ornate atomizer should have appeal to a wide range of vapers, but it's also a pretty good choice if you're buying your first sub tank. The airflow is easy to manage, and the large inlet holes are going to produce a healthy draw. Yes, you're going to burn through some e-juice, but a good experience first time out is important. This device will give you a great idea of how sub tanks function, and you don't need to be a rocket scientist to take it apart and put it back together.

The Ornate Sub Ohm Vape Tank 6ML is an affordable and powerful unit that acquits itself well as an entry-level device while offering functionality that experienced vapers will also appreciate. It's probably right to say that spending a little more on vape juice is worth it if you get a nice return in the form of clouds and flavor. With this tank, you'll definitely get both of those. Visit vapesourcing.com to know more.

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