An Old Favorite Geekvape Ammit 25 Rta Gets A Major Overhaul

The Geekvape Ammit 25 RTA is Geekvape's new take on an old favorite, the Ammit RTA. The diameter has been expanded to 25 mm, tapering down to 24 mm at the base. The kit comes with a number of extensions: an extra glass tank to increase capacity to 5 mL, chimney extender, and a 810 / Goon-style drip tip adapter. The biggest overall difference to the original Ammit RTA is the build deck though. Completely redesigned, the deck features 3-way airflow for single-coil builds. The deck posts (2 mm high by 2.5 mm wide) are placed opposite one another, leaving almost 8 mm in the center free for larger coil types. One post traps the coil in place, while the other is open, and flathead grub screws fasten the build into place. It's fair to say that the Ammit 25 RTA is designed with exotic coil builds in mind, and has the space to fit them.

The Ammit 25 RTA comes partially preassembled with the 2 mL tank. Build quality is excellent. All threading feels well engineered, with good tolerances throughout. Geekvape's Ammit logo and name are engraved deeply on the chimney that surround the build deck. The Geekvape name is engraved twice on each top cap and works well as a grip to unscrew the tank. The Ammit 25 has two airflow openings at the base: the airflow control ring features some chunky recessed knurling and has five settings that click into place. The knurled ring immediately above rotates the tank and chimney independently of the build deck and allows you to finetune the openings of the juice inlets.

Although it comes without a Goon-style drip tip, the extra top cap will fit them or any other 810 drip tip. And while that will increase the diameter of the mouthpiece, the tank's internal chimney has a fixed diameter of 6 mm.

The build deck was something new for me. For best results, build your own coils, or using pre-made ones, straighten out one lead so that the ends of the coil are facing away from each other. Build posts are situated on the outer edges of the deck, leaving a large, almost 8 mm wide space in the middle. The post holes are new, too: the positive post has a closed-off slot which you can slide one end of the coil into, while the negative has an open slot, meaning the other end of your coil can be easily fed in. It makes sense to start building from the positive post, so you have a little wiggle room (pun).

Post holes are 2.5 mm with 3 mm long grub screws to match, so a lot of exotic coil types are well catered for. Airflow is provided through the large vent directly underneath the coil, as well as from the two sets of three small holes next to the post holes. The juice wells are roughly 5 mm deep and 6 mm wide at the edge. I find it helps to taper the edges of your cotton down to a diamond shape before feeding them into the holes.

It took some time to get used to the Ammit 25 RTA . There was some trial and error involved getting the wicking just right. Too much cotton and you restrict the inflow of e-liquid. Too little and you can flood the coil.

I also had some problems with higher-VG e-liquids wicking properly. My suggestion would be to stay around the 70/30 VG/PG mark. This seems to be a sweet spot, especially at mid-level wattages (50 – 70 W).

No matter whether I used a Goon-style drip tip or the included 510, I got a lot of hot, burning spitback at the beginning. My first attempts with the Ammit 25 RTA had me wishing they'd included a sheet of mesh – for my own sake!

But… after playing around with the setup, the coil settling down, and using 70/30 VG/PG ratios, things got better. The draw for me is a restricted lung hit, even with the most open settings. Dial down the airflow (and wattage), and you have an almost MTL-type vape.

Geekvape say that the Ammit 25 RTA is compatible up to 70 watts. I personally wouldn't push the wattage much higher than this. But then, I enjoy it as a flavorful vape. Vapor production is pretty dense, but you'll be vaping this one for flavor, for flavor it does deliver.

Building on the Ammit 25 RTA can take a bit of getting used to. The single-coil configuration will be a throwback for some, completely new for others.

The more I use the Ammit 25, the more it grows on me. At its best, it's a flavor tank for mid-wattage vaping, and the flavor you get out of it is immense. A thumbs up for the build quality, and options to customize how you vape. A small thumbs down for those tricky wire ends and lack of a Goon-style drip tip.

The Ammit 25 RTA looks and handles like a top-quality product . Recommended, especially if you're into flavor and don't want to constantly re-drip.

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